A specialty which is responsible for addresing the male aspects of teh sexuality and the human reproduction. It is a mutidisciplinary specialty in which the aspects of endrinology, urology, laboratory and assisted reproduction coincide.

The services that this unit offers are:

Erectile Disfunction
complementary studies, laboratory tests, hormonal and endocrinological study.
Additional evaluation, tests of tumescence and nocturnal penile rigidity, (Rigiscan NPT_TEST) admission into clinic 1 to 2 nights, only nocturnal.
Erotic visual stimuli + NPT_TEST, with or without vasoactive drugs or oral drugs.
Complete hormonal study.
Vascular evaluation: diagnostic intracavernous injection, duplex ultrasound, carvernousometry and arteriography.
Neurological Evaluation.
Psychological evaluation.
Oral treatments, local treatments, intracavernous injection, mecahism of erection by vacuum.
Surgical treatments, vascular surgery, arterial bypass, poisonous ligation, penile prosthesis implantation.

Protocols of evaluation and treatments of the male infertility and the couples, analitical evaluation of semen, endocrine evaluation (FSH;LH) bacteriological study of the semen and the urine, urine analysis post orgasm, scrotal doppler ultrasound, to rule out varicocele, chromosomal abnormalities and genetic altarations, genetic counceling for the couple, testicular biopsy, histologic diagnosis, sperm recovery for in vitro techniques.

Peyronie Disease
Evaluation and medical and surgical treatment.

Sexually transmitted diseases
Protocols of evaluation and treatments for the sexually transmitted diseases: genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, papilloma virus, etc.

Ejaculatory Disfunction
Premature, delayed, painful, insensitive and reactionary ejaculation, anejaculation, diagnosis and treatment.

Male contaception
Vasectomy without scalpel.

Phimosis, varicocelectomy, hydrocelectomy, testicular biopsy, epididymal cyst, penile implant, Peyronie disease, vasectomy, vasovasostomy, electrocoagulation of condyloma, molluscum contagiosum.

This is roughly the most frequent pathology. Each item and protocols can be expanded

Reports can be done to promote vasectomies and phimosis surgery with a waiting list of 2 years in social security.