Description of services:

  1. Visits: first visits and cardiologic monitoring.
  2. Electrocardiography: a test that primarily informs of the electrical aspects of the heart and indirectly other aspects of interest.
  3. Holter: electrocardiogram recording, habitually for 24 hours for the specific analysis of cardiac rhythm disorders.
  4. Color doppler Ecocardiography: cardiac imaging test taht informs of the cardiac anatomy, the valvular morphology and general operation and many other parameters of interest in cardiology.
  5. Ergometry, Stress Test: test that reports the dynamic aspects of the heart: functional capacity, response to stress, arrhythmias and coronary reserve.
  6. Holter arterial pressure (MAP): blood pressure recording of 24 hours for a reliable analysis, ambulatory tension and and control it with therapy being used.