Preventive medicine

A medical team consisting of experienced physicians, spacious and modern facilities, advanced diagnostic methods and a wide range of medical specialties, plus more than 18 years of experience, are the main reasons why we recommend Policlinica Barcelona for checkups and improve your health.

We aim to improve your quality of life and provide the basic pillars to keep a healthy lifestyle adapted to the physical needs and work and family environment by detecting, with the latest techniques in preventative medicine, the risk factors to identify and predict any health disorder taking care on a individual case basis, depending on age, sex, habits and personal and family history.

Full Checkup
The full medical examination includes revisions of various specialties, all coordinated by a specialist in internal medicine and assessed later the specialist will then issue the final report. This recognition takes about 4 hours.

• Review of Internal Medicine
• Anamnesis
• Physical exploration and by apparatus
• Blood and urine Analytical
• Abdominal ultrasound: Including prostate sweep in men
• Chest radiograph
• Eye Review
• ENT Review
• Anthropometric Measurements
• Heart Study
• digital panoramic X

Checks by specialties:

Gynecologic Screening
• Patient Medical History
• Anamnesis
• Gynaecological examination
• Cytology
• Colposcopy
• Blood and urine Analytical
• Investigations (specific age group and pathology)
• gynecological abdominal ultrasound
• Breast Examination
• Breast Ultrasound
• Mammogram bilateral (if relevant)

Urological Check
• Medical Review
• Anamnesis
• Physical exploration and by apparatus
• Basic Urological Exploration
• Blood and urine Analytical
• Abdominal ultrasound with prostate scan