Through cosmetic surgery with local anesthesia warts can be removed permanently.

The intervention consists in the isolation of the cyst or tumor and its removal to try to make it disappear or decrease the symptoms of pain or causing compression and the diagnosis of it. The cell studies will typify in a benign or malignant. If the outcome of the resected specimen yields a diagnosis of malignancy, other treatments may be needed (radiotherapy, chemotherapy or further surgery). Usually the procedure is performed with ischemia of the affected arm using a cuff-like taking blood pressure. There is also the possibility that during the surgery procedural changes need to be done, according to intraoperative findings to provide more adequate treatment.

The nevi, scientific name of freckles and moles are skin accumulations of a pigment called melanin, which is what gives color to the skin so as to hair, and is responsible for tanning. Some people tend to have many of those spots. They are frequent and generally minor, but sometimes, in people genetically predisposed to it, may be precursors of a type of malignant tumor: melanoma. Therefore, patients with many of these spots, highly pigmented and irregularly shaped, should be monitored frequently by a dermatologist, and above any suspicious sign of conversion to malignancy, the lesion must be surgically removed and a biopsy of the matter performed. It is very important that these patients protect themselves from the sun, and if they do, they are protected with creams with high SPF (sun protection factor), since it has been found that solar radiation can trigger the malignancy of a predisposed lesion.


Hemorrhoids can be surgically removed with the patient sedated and pain-free (local or spinal anesthesia) or deep asleep and pain-free (general anesthesia).

After the hemorrhoid is removed, a package of gauze is inserted to reduce bleeding. Smaller hemorrhoids may not require surgery.. Treatments for small hemorrhoids may involve a chemical injection to reduce swelling or ligation with a rubber band to stop the blood flow to the hemorrhoid. These procedures can often be done on an outpatient basis or in a medical clinic with little or no anesthesia.

Anal fissures and fistulas Polyps
Eventrations with or without prosthesis: It is called the exit eventration of the abdominal viscera through an area or hole on the weakened abdominal wall, surgical, traumatic or pathologically different from natural holes or performed through which external abdominal hernias emerge. These viscera can be coated or not of a or not covered with a sack of eventration of peritoneum formed more or less modified by fibrous scar remains and / or muscle fibers. The best treatment is surgery to preventcomplications like strangulation. The surgery can be conventional (open) and we modernly assist the work and development of the laparoscopic via for better results both aesthetic and functional.

Once acute appendicitis is diagnosed, the patient should receive medical and surgical treatment. The medical treatment is done with hidrating the patient; applying the appropriate antibiotics and analgesics. The surgery involves making an incision in the right iliac fossa or laparotomy depending on the severity of the patient and remove the appendix concerned, likewise to drain the infected fluid, and wash the cavity with saline. It is important to mention again that if the appendicitis is not treated in time the appendix can be perforated and thereby cause peritonitis, a condition that requires more care than appendicitis, and that is very serious. In turn, the peritonititis can lead to death of the patient for a complication called septicemia, and it is important to call the doctor at the earliest any type of acute abdominal pain (shooting) that lasts more than 6 hours (probably indicative appendicitis).
The earlier the diagnosis, the greater the chance of receiving adequate medical care, a better prognosis, less discomfort and a shorter convalescence period.

Excision of pilonidal sinus
This is a relatively common, not serious but very annoying that most often affects the male patients and usually between 15 and 30 years of age. Predominates in people with abundant hair and brown skin. This is a migration-invagination of the skin and hair into the body.

The pilonidal sinus is a chronic suppurative that occurs in a preferably sacred location (it may occur in inguinal, umbilical, and axillary regions). Often it presents two phases, initially as an acute pilonidal abscess, it can be treated initially with antibiotics and sometimes we can associate surgical drainage, a second phase of chronic suppuration requiring definitive treatment; the excision in the lesion area. The definitive treatment is surgical.

Benign breast tumors
Lumpectomy is a surgical procedure that is performed in a solid breast mass to determine whether it is malignant or not. The suspicious lump and surrounding issue are analyzed.

Vascular Surgery
It consist of the removal of the saphenous veins and their branches. It is a major therapeutic modality for the treatment of varicose veins, which in the hands of skilled surgeons offers excellent results.