Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal areas of the body caused by birth defects, deformities acquired by trauma, infection, tumors, disease, injury, …

The purpose of this surgery is to repair or restore the damage that these diseases have caused.

Some examples of birth defects are:

  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Hand deformities such as syndactyly
  • Absence or hypotrophy of the ears (anotia or microtia)
  • Abnormal breast development (breast asymmetry, supernumerary breasts, gynecomastia)

Women with very large and sagging breasts, suffering constant pain level of the spine, often creating partial or complete failure, are subject to a reduction mammoplasty and reconstructive treatment rather than aesthetic.

In other cases, children or adults with deformities of the ears are also subjected to reconstructive procedures such as otoplasty.

Whatever the reconstructive procedure in which you have interest in, be sure to choose a qualified and properly accredited plastic surgeon. That´s the only way to get the results you expect.

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