Field of medicine that deals with the physical fitness assessment and diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained during sporting activities. It also addresses the recovery and treatment of various diseases through physical activity.

Stress test:

The stress test is a common study used to diagnose coronary artery disease.

I allows us to see how the heart works during exercise.

Stress tests are also called physical stress tests, exercise tolerance tests, ergometry, electrocardiography stress or stress ECG.

During the stress test, a ecocardiography can also be performed. With these studies it is posible to obtain more information about the structure and blood flow in the heart.

During the stress test, small chest electrodes are applied. The electrodes are connected to wires called leads that in turn are connected to a machine that has a television screen that records the heart’s electrical activity (ECG). This screen can also show images from an ecocardiogram. Looking at the screen, the doctors can register the heart beats whiel the patient exercises.

The patients that are too ill to exercise a are given a drug that mimics the effects of exercise on the body.