What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a simple operation and short-lived, that solves those problems related aesthetic ears. It is done with local anesthesia, light sedation so that the patient does not perceive any discomfort and on an outpatient basis, so that hospitalization is necessary and the patient can go home during 2-4 hours after the end intervention and can be incorporated into your daily life the next day.

In addition, this type of operation, for safety and reliability, can be performed in virtually anyone and you see the results instantly.

What is the process of the operation?

The process is simple and secure:

        • The Doctor Reconstructive Surgery specialist will conduct a medical assessment and personalized.
        • Tests are performed pre-operative patient to check if you are hypersensitive skin, allergies or clotting problems
        • During the operation, local anesthesia is applied in the area and is given light sedation to / the patient to not feel any discomfort.
        •  An incision is made behind the ear down to the area that has curvature or deformity. Then points are placed ear folded material naturally, correcting the deformity.
        • After surgery, the patient should be about 2-4 hours for observation and then we can go home. The results are immediate and postoperative discomfort practically nonexistent.

What kind of anomaly can be corrected with ears Otoplasty?

The Otoplastiaes outpatient surgery is performed under local anesthesia and corrects various types of abnormalities in the formation of the ears:

        • Protruding ears: They present an anomaly in the position of the pinna, giving the vision of separate ears excessively prominent head and the rest of the facial appearance.
        • Deformities caused by trauma (strokes, accidents, falls, …)

          However, if you quedase any doubt about whether this treatment is right for you, you can contact the Polyclinic Barcelona 93.416.16.16 and advise you on your specific case.