Clinical psychology is a recognized specialty within the health sciences. Clinical psychology is concerned with the study, understanding, promotion, prevention, assessment, psychological treatment and psychological rehabilitation of those phenomena, behavioral and in relationship, affecting the health of humans in their overall conception. With methods that come from clinical observation and scientific research.
From the cognitive-behavioral counseling, clinical experience, and taking into account your personal characteristics, we offer individualized treatment for your psychological problems, and teach strategies for solving them.

Theoretical Framework: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The treatments we teach are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy that regulates our emotional state.

For any situation, we always have emotions, which may be positive or negative (anxiety, sadness, anger). That depends on how we interpret the situation through our thoughts. With cognitive behavioral therapy we detect thoughts that make us feel bad.

By changing thoughts and reality interpretation systems we achive to modify the emotions and as a result we feel better. We also teach you coping strategies. In this treatment it is important to have active participation of both the therapist and patient, to detect the distorted thoughts and replace them.

Psychodiagnostic Unit
For a complete psychological / psychiatric or neuropsychological diagnostic the necessary administration of objective tests.are needed to obtain objective and reliable results.

Through tests of personality assessment, updated and adapted to the Spanish population, we conduct diagnostic reports for psychological / psychiatric expertise, and so on.

Through a series of tests we conducta neuropsychological evaluation to assess possible cognitive memory deficits, atention, etc

Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders are one of the main reasons for consultation in primary medicine. This can be by physical symptoms that accompany anxiety (palpitations, sweating, breathlessness, dizziness, upset stomach, tremors, etc), And it makes us think about the possibility of suffering from some physical pathology. Once organic causes are discarded of causing physical sypmtoms, we offer a comprehensive and effective psychological treatment for various anxiety disorders.

Panic disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Anxiety reactive to life circumstances.

Depressive Disorder
Depressive disorders mostly need drug treatment, but it is very important to receive counseling.

The symptoms that come with depressive disorders make it difficult to carry out day to day, so we offer psychological therapy that is designed to overcome these symptoms, improving mood and be able to return to activities of daily living.

Many people want to quit. There are many methods for doing so. We offer an exclusively psychological treatment program in our service.

Some are carrying out treatment with drugs or nicotine replacement and find it very difficult to carry out treatment. Thus, psychological treatment is an effective adjunctive treatment when quitting will require a very expensive effort.

There are people that because of their condition can not be taking such medications and must quit. This is an appropriate treatment and not contraindicated for your condition.

Psychological treatment for smoking cessation guidelines and specific techniques used, without undue effort, you will successfully be quitting in a few weeks, depending on your current consumption. You will decrease the consumption of snuff gradually through strategies to be controlling the physiological and psychological dependence, to finish with a total abstinence from snuff. It will also work to prevent relapse.

Eating Disorders / Failure of Diets
Some people must follow a diet because it was medically adviced or other reasons, but it costs them too much effort to implement it.

One cause of eating disorders are psychological factors and behavioral patterns, which are often also the cause of failure or abandonment of the diets.

Psychological treatment helps control the anxiety associated with dieting and restructure their habits and thoughts for greater effectiveness in their diet.
Psychological support in insomnia

Many diseases involve insomnia and anxiety is usually a partner. The psychological treatment of insomnia is to learn to carry out a proper sleep hygiene, learning relaxation techniques and learning how to reduce the anxiety, which is a major cause.

Social Skills
It is about learning and empower those behaviors and / or thoughts that help us solve social situations effectively. We teach you communication techniques verbal and nonverbal, assertiveness and empathy skills.