Nose surgery or rhinoplasty, it tends to completely change the overall appearance of the face. Cosmetic surgery is more demanding and complex for surgeons.

The main reason to see a doctor because surgeon are suffering from some type of nasal deformity, because they do not breathe well or they just do not like his nose. Precisely for these reasons rhinoplasty requires a highly experienced professional, tact and competence in this field.

Nose surgery requires great skill and practice because the patient expects not only improve your physical appearance but also improve or maintain normal respiratory function. We must remember that beauty should be synonymous with welfare and what the patient wants is to modify your appearance and maintain or improve respiratory function.

How performs Rhinoplasty in Polyclinic Barcelona?

With rhinoplasty can be narrowed or slightly lift the tip, rectify or raise the back, change the angle of the nose in relation to the forehead or upper lip. With respect to the partition, can improve the irregularities that disrupt the air column and try turbinates, this procedure is known as septoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is usually done under general anesthesia but can be performed under local anesthesia especially in nasal tip surgery. The incisions can be on the inside of the nose in the nasal mucosa or the columella. Through this you can alter the bone and cartilage structure (bone and cartilage) of the dorsal and septal structures and the nasal tip. If you require any functional correction will be made through the same incisions. The surgery that combines the modification of the tip of the nose and nasal septum treatment and / or turbinate is known as rhinoseptoplasty. The surgery usually lasts between 2-4 hours depending on the case. Can be ambulatory but in many cases it is recommended 12 hours of observation in the hospital to control potential bleeding.

This surgery can be combined with interventions of the jaws and / or chin prosthesis.

In most cases come out of surgery with clogged nostrils, and must breathe through the mouth. Progressively facial swelling present them to the first 4 days and then this will diminish gradually.

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